At the library used book sale
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2012-04-15 11:02:04 UTC
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At a dollar a bag I got a mid-50's SAINT collection, two SF
collections called GALACTIC EMPIRES of pulp from the 40's and 50's, a
paperback L'Amour short story collection, one of the L. Ron Hubbard
designer SF paperback,

2012-05-22 21:38:40 UTC
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Saturday I went to the Library sale in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I'd
gone to this event a few years ago, and not done especially well, but
I thought I'd give it another try. This time I came away with a 25-
cent paperback that I was anxious to read, and four excellent
condition hardcovers (all with dustjacket). Total expenditure $12.25!

GREEN HAZARD, Manning Coles – 1974 Hodder reprint of a 1945 title -
due to careless removal of a sticker, there's a patch of paper where
the color's been stripped away, maybe the size of a dime

THE BLACK SPECTACLES, John Dickson Carr – 1972 Fingerprint (Hamish
Hamilton) edition of this 1939 title - terrific condition

HAUNTED LONDON, Peter Underwood – Harrap, 1973 - a tiny gouge through
the jacket into the front cover; with a dj protector, it can't even

THE RAYMOND CHANDLER PAPERS, Hiney/MacShane, 2011 - new, only
published last year by Atlantic Monthly