What's going on with the Spider?
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Kodyax Derschrecken
2016-07-13 20:58:54 UTC
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I am new here but not new to the pulps. As a child I was exposed to radio episodes of the Shadow and the Green Hornet. When I got older I discovered the pulp adventures of the Shadow and have progressed onto looking for more on other classic heroes. Among those I seek more information is the Spider as well as the Black Bat and possibly the Crimson Clown as well. But I started this specifically for more info on the Spider whose exploits really impressed me. Are there any podcasts on the Spider in specific or pulp heroes in general? I am listening to ones for the Green Hornet and the Shadow but want to here more about what is looking to be more obscure heroes that are coming part of the public domain more and more. I also plan on getting more from Dynamite comics on the Spider in the future but right now I am looking for where else I can go to read and hear others discussing the Spider.
John Olsen
2016-07-14 17:38:24 UTC
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The Spider is a favorite of mine. I post a review of a Spider story on
my weekly blog (see link below) once every four weeks... mixed in with
blog entries on old serials and The Shadow and Perry Mason mysteries.

The Spider: The Shadow on steriods!

See the pulpy side of things. Check out That's Pulp!