League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #2
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2013-09-29 12:17:15 UTC
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That is *old* stuff ...

the links are broken (geocities being part of the web's mythology by now), here is where to find the archived versions of those references:

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/7160/annos.html can be found (version of 26 October 2009 - last good version) there:

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/7160/league1.html can be found (version of 26 October 2009 - last good version) there:

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/7160/league2.html can be found (version of 26 October 2009 - last good version) there:

Other sources where the content of geocities seems to have been copied:

Hope this will help!

2015-02-08 10:24:32 UTC
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Well, issue two is out. Time to start identifying the references.
1) Questions were raised earlier about why Mycroft but not Sherlock
appeared in this comic. I believe these are probably answered in this
issue. Mycroft still believes his brother is dead at Reichenbach Falls.
I don't remember how long he was "gone" in the original stories but I
suspect that he will be showing up in future issues (and I very much
doubt that he will appreciate the "gentlemen" that his brother is
2) I have no idea what Miss Coote's School in Edmonton and the reverend
Septimus Harding are about. I do, however, love the design of the
school. Does this come from "Candide" or one of the other "racier"
novels of the turn of century or before.
3) Mann, Crossman, & Paulin Wine and Spirits is probably a "Dracula"
reference but I haven't read that book thoroughly.
4) Prospe*** of Whiteb*** - Anyone care to guess?
5) Going back to Miss Coote - There is reference to her predecessor,
Miss Flaybum. Given this word-play I suspect that the correct
pronunciation of Coote is "koo-tee" (i.e., lice).
6) Olive Chancellor of America???
7) Miss Carr/School of Pain???
8) Miss Rebecca "Becky" Randall of Riverboro, Maine???
9) Pollyanna (as in "she's such a Pollyanna") - I know the saying but I
can't say where it comes from.
10) Lord and Lady Pokingham???
11) The skeletal sculpture in the British Museum that Quatermain is
examining. I know this is from "She" by Haggard. Was Quatermain involved
in this or not? I can't remember.
12) I don't remember an albino from the "Invisible Man". Is this a
reference to another story?
13) Since the Yahoo skull is scientifically named "Homo gulliverus" I
also assume that the considerably larger skull beside it also comes from
"Gulliver's Travels".
14) The interrogator Donovan???
15) Marker ?? ?? Arne Sak??? - It is hard to tell (or remember) but
isn't this one of the markers left behind to mark the correct path to
the center of the earth in the Verne classic?
16) I am at a loss to explain the ichthyosaur specimen. I would, rather,
have expected the pteradactyl from "Lost World".
17) Captain Mors??? I was rather expecting Captain Robor.
18) The Montagu House Picture
18a) Montagu House??? What, no Capulets?
18b) L. Gulliver - Gulliver of "Gulliver's Travels"? I'd suggest the
Gulliver of "Gulliver on Mars" but this man looks far to old for that.
18c) Mr. & Mrs. P. Blakeny - The Scarlet Pimpernel and Wife.
18d) The reverend Dr. Syn - From the "Sacrecrow of Romney Marsh". I'm
actually kind of surprised at this one as I'm pretty sure that the Dr.
Syn stories are not public domain. Still, I like the depiction.
18e) Mistress Hill???
18f) Ned Buntline - the writer and star of numerous western dime novels
(Beadle's, I believe).
19) Lady Ragnall???
20) Randoph Carter - H. P. Lovecraft's protagonist from the public
domain "Statement of Randolph Carter" and the not-so-public domain
"Dream-Quest for Unknown Kadath".
21) Unnamed Virginian - John Carter of the Barsoom books. I had not made
the Carter connection here - congratulations Mr. Moore.
Any help on completing or adding to this list will be appreciated.
Geoffrey Tolle
Mann Crossman and Paulin was a Whitechapel brewer. They merged with Watney Combe Reid in 1958, forming Watney Mann Brewery.

The Prospect of Whitby is a pub in Canning Town, somewhat to the East of the old county of London (it was then in Essex), but now part of the outer boroughs of Greater London (probably the borough of Newham)